The People's Poet Tony Robles–SF Art commission award winning Author of cool don't live here no more and fingerprints of a hunger strike

Some questions


Why is it that every guy i’ve ever met with the name Matt, thinks he’s hot shit? The same goes for Ray? Is it a name thing? 1/2 the people i’ve met who have the name Mark think they’re hot shit, the other 1/2 don’t. All the guys i’ve met with the name James are cool. All the Charlie’s i’ve met seem to be cool as well. I’ve never met anyone i didn’t like from El Salvador or Detroit. All this may seem silly but it’s true.

I was in a coffee shop and the counter person called out, “Chai for Chelsea!”. I thought, what a title for a story.

Sometimes i wish i could have been an athelete instead of a writer. I respect the discipline it takes to reach a high level in sports. I remember taking a boxing class at City College when i was a student. The class culminated in a boxing tournament at the end of the semester. I fought a guy who was a bit heavier than me. We had these big gloves on and i had a mouthpiece that felt like a very old, very hard orange wedge shoved in my mouth. We went 2 rounds. I remember how tired i was. My objective was to jab the guy’s face off. Round one: Robles comes out, throws several jabs that land flush on his opponent’s face.

It felt good but then…he landed some shots.

Robles is driven to the ropes with a right hand, followed by a left. Robles grabs and holds on…and is saved by the bell!

Anyway, when i got to my corner, my nose felt like it was where my eyes should have been and my nose felt like it was up around my ears.But anyway, suffice it to say, i won my first and only fight by unanimous decision. I retired after that.

Til next time…