Members Only

There’s something very endearing about 70 year old (or older) men wearing Members Only jackets.


3 Replies to “Members Only”

  1. My Lolo totally rocked his Members Only jackets: one was maroon (of course), and the other tan. And always with the Old Spice splash cologne. RIP Lolo Larry!

    1. The gorton’s fisherman is basically the old spice guy with a raincoat. But yeah, my cousin was all into the Member’s only thing. I went with him to the Emporium in the early 80’s and watched him try on the gray, then the black, then the maroon…all those colors. As i watched him, i knew that i was in the presence of a worldly man who had wisdom of the world and its ways that i knew not. I clung to him and watched his ways and i tried to imitate and emulate. And now, more than 20 years later i realize that we were a couple of damn fools.

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