text one you love

Text one your love
By Tony Robles

I see my father,
A few years
Past 60 relaxing
On the island of

Ponytail snapping
In the wind

I ask him what
Happened to his
Pompadour and he
Says that everything

You got to
Change with
The times, son

He listens to a little
Rap and drinks
Coffee with a
Shot of espresso

This is a man
Who used to strictly
Drink coffee in

Warm, brown
And 25 cents a

(In Styrofoam)

He got a cell phone
Not long ago and
Would call once in
A while

Now he’s starting
To send
Text messages

I couldn’t
Believe it

He used to have
Trouble with
Call waiting

He sent me
One that

You’re a good

I’d never
Heard that
From him before

But like
He says,
Everything changes


© 2009 Tony Robles


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