Top Cop (or the bee keeper)

Top Cop (Or the Bee Keeper)
By Tony Robles

He walked in with a belt
Equipped with mace, a taser,
Handcuffs and, upon closer
Inspection, a can of what
Appeared to be Van Camps
Pork and beans

I was the new guy on his
First day of work as a security
Officer at a supermarket
In the barrio

I was to receive my training
On my responsibilities as
A security guard from
This man

I looked at the tazer,
(Also known as a non-lethal
electronic stun gun)
It looked like a .45

He said he had
Caught a woman stealing
Roasted herb chicken
The day before

Told me he had special
Friends on the police force
And that he played golf and
Went to their houses for dinner

He said he was involved in
Clandestine governmental
Operations that he couldn’t
Discuss (Of course)

We stood and watched people
Select food laden with
Sodium and fat

He told me that my job was
To be a visual deterrent
To shoplifting

Occasionally a female
Would walk by and he would
Remark under his breath

Nice ass

He said he was a
Bee keeper in his
Spare time, knew everything
There was to know about bees

Said that bees don’t like
The color black
For some reason

A few minutes later this
African Descended guy I knew
Walked in wearing a yellow
Rain suit

It was raining and Ernie
Was black, dark honey
Choocolate black and looking
Like a 5 foot 10 inch bee

We stood and the guy with
The taser then told me
Of a kidney problem he
Had been plagued with

He had spent time
In the hospital
With excruciating pain

Said he drinks lots
Of water to insure
His piss is always clear

Since our meeting the
Guy with the taser has
Been transferred to
Another post

And I’m drinking
More water

© 2009 Tony Robles


One Reply to “Top Cop (or the bee keeper)”

  1. This top cop bee keeper guy sounds like quite a character with the potential for comedy and possibly danger. Reading about his over the top statements makes me think that the gate is down, the lights are flashing but no train is coming. That is, he is a few nuggets short of a Happy Meal. His statement about bees not liking black is absurd and untrue. Also anyone who worked in clandestine government operations would never tell an outsider that he is so employed. That is why it is called ‘clandestine’. I think this man is delusional. The part about him carrying a can of Pork n’ Beans on his belt is hilarious however. At least working with him will not be dull.

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