Found this poem in the dumpster at work

I am a poet who yearns to dance on rooftops, to whisper delicate lines about joy and the
Blessings of human understanding

I try. I go to my land, my tower of words and bolt the door, but the typewriters doesn’t
Fade out the sound of blasting and muffled outrage
My own days bring me slaps on the face. Everyday I am deluged with reminders.
That this is not my land and this is my land

I do not believe in the war between races
But in this country
There is war


One Reply to “Found this poem in the dumpster at work”

  1. Every single poem may not be enjoyed by every single person. Many people can dislike a great poem and it still wont change the fact that the poem is great. People just aren’t capable of being as enthusiastic about things as the next person might be. It is the right of each person to choose for themselves which poet or poem they like most.

    The most enjoyable poems are usually selected by choosing which poems are the most interesting or which ones are the most lively. However, no two people have the same exact taste or preference in what things they enjoy most. Interesting poems may be new or fresh to the reader. Lively poems might catch the reader’s attention very quickly.

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