Death Range

Mr. Brogan always
Seemed younger than
His almost 70 years

And his sporting
Hip hop pieces of
Clothing made him seem
Closer to 50 than his actual age

He was nearly 6 feet
Tall with taut tendons
And a sharp keen mind that
Stoked his thoughts and formed
Words with a quickness of tongue
That shaped sayings and phrases
That could later be coined

He was involved in community
Equity and justice struggles
And proclaimed once at a
Rally, “I’m so broke I can’t afford
To go window shopping”

And there he stood at the
Memorial of a friend who’d
Recently died

And he was close to the
Deceased, remembering things
Such as his love of singing and his
Genuine concern for people

He looked out at the people
Gathered, most of whom were
His age, more or less’

And he looked at his peers
And said, “You know, most
Of us here are in death range”

And the gathering was

And Mr. Brogan’s voice
Was a strong, line blending
Into line until a song

Within the range
Of Poetry

and everybody
joined him

finding their

(c) 2013 Tony Robles


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