Slow By Tony Robles

This black brother walked
In to my office
(That really isn’t mine)
And said he was glad
To see me

How you been
my brother?
He asked

And I tried
To place his

It is December and
He wore a red and
Black sweater and
Gold chain and one of those
Fur caps designed for the snow

A santa of a different kind

And he asked me about
The computer class that
Our organization offers and I
Told him that space was available

And he smiled and
Said that he is
Playing his music

(He is a percussionist)

And he spoke of
(Not Santa)
And got a bit teary eyed

And then he said
He hoped the computer class
Could help him because he
Is a little slow when it comes
To picking things up

And his words, undoubtedly
Inspired by some school, hung
Around his neck like a brick faced

And I smiled and said,
You know, slow is best

I mean, when you eat a
Pot of stew, you want
To savor it

You don’t want to
Do it like you’re
Trying to catch the Amtrak
Train out of town

And he smiled
And I smiled

And our laughter



(c) 2013 Tony Robles


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