Tough Flip

The Pilipino guy
Is the baddest looking
Guy on the block

Has a scar running
Over the bridge
Of his nose

His name is
Tattooed on his
Neck in cursive


Works as a transport
Specialist at the
Pilipino restaurant on
The corner

Transporting boxes of
Lumpia wrappers, produce,
Rice noodles, meat, meat
By-products and toilet paper
From point A to point B

On a
Hand truck

Placing it all

Ober dare
Ober dare
Ober dare!

When asked how things
Are going, he

So far…no good

Says he’s hanging in
There…has been hanging
In for more than 20 years

I graduated from
Hanging in there
University, he adds

For short

He’s one
Of their many
Success stories

(c) 2009 Tony Robles


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