Hayden and Magdangal

These two Frisco boys

Came to my

Office one day


I was an employment

Counselor at an

Organization that claimed

It swore off any allegiance

To money


And the two Frisco

Boy’s names were Hayden

And Mc Daniel

(Which sounded like a

Pair of cops)


They were no longer boys

But they were still in Frisco

And Hayden was trying

To help McDaniel

Find a job


McDaniel had been

A painter by trade but

Had fallen 3 stories,

Landing on his back


Hayden had seen hard

Times, all his teeth

Were gone but the aching

Urge to smile was carved

Into his face


McDaniel wanted to

Be a security guard

Saying, “Security guards

Don’t fall out of a third

Story window” so I told him

I’d help with his resume


McDaniel was Filipino

With a thick Filipino

Face and with his thick

Filipino lips said


My name is Magdangal

But everybody kept

Getting my name wrong,

They kept calling me McDaniel

So I keep it


He sat with his

Back straight wearing

A badge of two



And I worked on

His resume starting

With his name:





© 2014 Tony Robles


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