Shine On

Brother Paul,

Was that you I saw

Wearing a baseball cap

Shielding your eyes,

Leaning against a pole

With a sign that said

No parking day or night?


I was walking across the

Street and matching me

Stride for stride was a woman

Who was quite attractive


The sun was out after

Hiding for several



The woman pulled ahead

Of me slightly and I thought

About not going back to



That’s when i

Saw you


You usually say

Hi to me, always treating

Me like a long lost brother


But today your eyes

Didn’t see me

When I waved at you


I waved at you

Up and down and

Side to side like I was

Trying to flag down a

Motherfucking cab


Your eyes followed

That woman

Like I wasn’t



(and I wasn’t)


But I know

You saw



You motherfucker




© 2014 Tony Robles


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