Derby Jacket by Tony Robles

He got on
The train

The rain tapped
A thousand dances
On the windows and
On the body of the train

(Not to mention my mind)

And I noticed
The guy’s

It rested on the
Guy’s body just
Like any jacket would

And the jacket
Recognized me,
And I, it

Hey, I remember
You, the jacket

You were the one
Who got jumped
In that schoolyard back in,
When was it, 1971?

Yeah, that was
Me, I replied

As I recall, I got
Jumped by 5 guys
Wearing Derby jackets

(One of the guys, by the way,
Works for the City and County
Of San Francisco in a bureaucratic
Capacity and is a decade away from
retirement, bless him)

Why did they
Jump you? The
Jacket asked

Hell if I know,
I replied

And the Derby
Jacket remembered
Other things

Like when I got
Hit by a car on California
Street while collecting for
The SF Examiner

I thought you
Were dead, the way
You lay on the street,
Said the jacket

It sure felt
Like it, I answered

And the train
Kept moving forward
And the jacket rested on
The shoulders of a guy i
Didn’t know standing across
From me on the other side

And that Derby
Jacket is my skin,
My memory, my body

Resting on
Somebody else

© 2015 Tony Robles


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