Claimed and Unclaimed

Claimed and Unclaimed
By Tony Robles

Walking down Market
street the people
have been pulled apart

arms severed from
torso, eyes separated
from face, heart separated
from mind

An army of parts,
Each one in search of
The other in the connective
Tissue connecting us to neighbor
through blood, bone and story

unclaimed except for those
that would claim us as
artifacts and sequester us
in mausoleums where
coffee is served fresh daily

We claim our city,
our space, our chunk of
sidewalk that isn’t ours but
upon whose expanse we tread
upon like the buffalo, the lady
bug, the ant

the city doesn’t
claim us in spite of the images
we burn on our skin of its buildings,
sports stadiums, street signs and
other assorted landmarks

the city watches
while our bags lie
on the sidewalk
unzipped, gutted

the contents of our
lives on display like the
rejected innards of a pawnshop

i claim my
city as it collects the
boxes and suitcases
filled with the picked bones
of the discarded

i claim
my unclaimed

your unclaimed

and the street
it walks

(c) 2014 Tony Robles



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