Frisco Offal

Frisco Offal
By Tony Robles

Abridged daughters, sons
Misters, miss…and misses

Never birthing the
Pages with processions of
Starting with S and
ending with F and dancing in
The pores of our streets

Never skipped like stones cutting
Across the chase of water to get
To the other side when 2 bridges
Weren’t enough

Shunted, stunted
Poems murals pictures
Lyrics stopped at midstream
In birth canal alleys where
We grew up, on streets we
Never left behind

Raised on innards and knowing
The masquerade ritual of bread
Stuffed with broken lead

Our voices an unclaimed
Chorus lined in an epitaph of
Trees, shorn of skin, hacked at
The root and taken down in the
Shrill shadow of a hollow octave

And the butcher shops
Have closed while new
Butchers hone their wares
serving up the dictum of
Official offal

Hometown of missing parts
In kitchen pots
Kept silent
Eyes, ears,
Tongues mouths
Lips etc.


In a shorn sum of

© 2015 Tony Robles

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