Thank God

I can’t say that
I’m religious except
For an occasional utterance
Of “Thank God” when
I’ve sidestepped trouble
And avoided a potential

I once drove through
The thick fog near
Monterey and, had I not
Glanced to my right at just
The right time, would have
Ended up in the ocean

Thank God

And I went to church
And the minister spoke about
The last days when catastrophes
Would plague the planet and
People would be snatched up into
Heaven and into the arms of the lord

And I went to Catholic churches
With my grandmother as a kid
And I was a restless, fidgety
Pain in the ass

And grandma would look at me
Real hard and I would think that
If I didn’t get it together, Jesus himself
Would come off that cross near the
Stained glass windows, walk over
And choke the hell out of me

And I haven’t been to church too
Often since then and I know that
Grandma would be less than happy
About that

But she’d be happy
To know that I haven’t
Driven off a cliff (not yet)

And that someone is
Keeping an eye out
For me

Just like
She used
To tell me


© 2015 Tony Robles


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