By Tony Robles

It’s funny the way
they argued about
everything from driving
to politics to the
shape of the kitchen
table to who really
won that fight at the
coliceum that was seen
by folks like them, whose
names they’d never know

and of course there
were discussions/debates
on politics over bowls of
soup, spooning in mouthfuls
of this and that, swelling in
the belly and sweat forming
on the temples

father and son at the
table, at both
ends, the distance
between them the
length of a bright yellow
kitchen table that seemed
to hold the memory of lemons
and warmth of butter

and sometimes nothing
was said as they mouthed
unsaid words while they
chewed on opposite ends

father and son


one breaking wind
the other breaking

(c) 2016 Tony Robles


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