Blue Aspect #1

By Tony Robles

I guess you can say it happened

When the jaw breakers arrived

Strung along like neon lights bleeding

Through cellophane

I’d waited days, weeks for those jaw

Breakers to come, as a reward for

Selling teen magazines to raise money

For our junior high school

We had to do our part

And we did and some other kids got

Calculators, chocolate bars and mood

Rings that changed color the way some

Of us changed our underpants, in hues

Ranging from blood red to earthy brown

And the jaw breakers arrived and I got

Them and I wrapped it across my chest

Diagonally like a Hollywood production shot

In Italy. Viva Zapata didn’t have nothing on

Me with those jaw breakers declaring themselves

Like bullets in a wrap-around set of circumstances

Beyond the circumference of my understanding

And I walked around with those jaw breakers

Hugging my body like a Boa Constrictor, like

A half-full Nelson when out of nowhere this older

Boy came from the side and yanked and pulled,

Stretching the cellphone until it snapped

The force of his pull was so great that

The momentum knocked him on his ass

I’ve loved jaw breakers

Ever since

© 2015 Tony Robles


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