Amor For Alex (For Alex Nieto)

Amor for Alex

Amor for his story

Amor for his life

Amor for his people

Amor for his love

Amor for his smile

Amor for his fire

Amor for his revolution

Amor for his laughter

Amor for his mind

Amor for his soul

Amor for his mother

Amor for his father

Amor for those he touched

Amor for the neighborhood he called home

Amor for his voice

Amor for his heart

Amor for his eyes that saw life around him

Amor for his lips that sent sentences of life

Flowing with truth between beats of heart

Held together by love

Amor for his family

Amor for his spirit

Amor to those who break bread

To heal black and brown, brown and black

To join black and brown

And brown and black

From Mission to Bayview

From Bayview to Mission

Amor to those who

Break bread to break

Silence sealed in lead

Amor to those who break bread

For Alex and Mario as the machinery

Breaks ground, steals homes, breaks bones

Breaks bonds

Breaks bones

And all that is sacred
More amor for Alex!

More amor for justice!
Justice for Alex Nieto!



© 2016 Tony Robles


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