You Feel Me?

The white couple

Sat in the coffee



He had a full

Head of gray hair

And she was all ears


And he was a teacher

Of some kind who’d

Worked in some kind

Of program in the



And he talked about

The youngsters who

Used the phrase: You feel me?


And from where I

Sat, it was steeped

In condescension


And sips were taken

And the froth lingered

On lips and beard


And the sips



And as I began to

Daydream, I heard the

Following words:


“There’s this dude, man,

You feel me? He says he’s

A teacher but he don’t know

Nothin’, you feel me?


He just came

But don’t nobody

Know where he come

From, you feel me?


And he be talking like

He wipes his ass with

The pages of webster’s

Dictionary, you feel me?


But he really sounds

Like he be talkin’

Out of his ass or

Nose, you feel me?


And I walk

Around, you feel me/


And people look

At me like I don’t

Belong here, you feel me?


Shit, I was born

Here, you feel me?


And my homebohys

Feel the same, you

Feel me?


And some of my

Homeboys ain’t

Here no more


…you feel me?


But I’m born and

Raised Frisco


…you feel me?


And the city is

In my chest, from

The chest


…you feel me?


And it still



You feel me?


© 2015 Tony Robles


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