Palpitations from a mom and pop postcard

Pop pop pop

Mom n’ pop

Pop pop


Where’d they

Go, where’d they



Mom n’ pop

Mom n’ pop

Soda pop

Knee high

Wee high


Give us credit

When everything

Else is due


I’ll get

You next



Pop pop pop

Now he’s gone


Mom mom

And pop



Cans flying

Off shelves


Rice falling out

Of a hole in

The bag


The hour glass

Moment has arrived,

Taken shape


Pop pop, mom

And pop


Poppin’ off

At the mouth

Trying to buy cigarettes

And beer


Pop pop pop

Knew we was kids

Swinging off the

Licorice vine


And the wine was

On the shelves, that

Cheap wine that uncle

You know who used to

Down until it burned

His gut


Pop pop pop

Mom and pop, pop


An arcade of memories

Pop pop pop’d from

The shelves


Picked off

Each year

Each day

Each hour

Each second


Pop pop pop

The cap off

A bottle of beer


Mom and pop

Gone gone gone

Has it been a year?


Where’d they go?

Where’d they go?



© 2016 Tony Robles



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