Fun Center

The Filipino cats used

To hang out at this

Arcade on Market Street

Called the Fun Center


Most of them were in

Their teens and wore

Their hair long


Some of them carried

Radios as big as



The Fun Center had

All kinds of video



And I was Filipino too

But these guys knew

Some Filipino stuff that

I didn’t know so I kept

My mouth shut, and watched

With my pockets empty


And a lot of those

Guys stood around

Looking tough and cool,

Posing without trying to



But it was their

Slacks that I tripped



Those slacks hugged

Their narrow waists

And ballooned out at

The sides


Those slacks were pleated

And those Filipino cats

Stood in that Fun Center

And walked down Market

Street waiting for anybody

To give them a bad time


And I never got a pair

Of pleated slacks

Quite like those guys


truth be told,

i was never cool

enough to wear



and some of those

guys may have

been in a gang

or two but the way

those pants looked, that

was the gang i wanted

to be in


And I remember

Those guys and how

They looked in them


Even though




Their numbers

Would be



© 2014 Tony Robles



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