Soul Brother #2

Soul brother #2 was a

Guy who always wanted

To be like James Brown


Soul brother #2 spent

Hours massaging handfuls

Of Vaseline into his hair

But the waves were never

Quite right


Soul brother #2 sang into

A broom handle while

His bacon and eggs burned

On a black skillet


Soul brother #2 would

Spin and slide on a

Stage in his own mind


But his timing was off,

He couldn’t catch the mic

And nobody heard

His song


Soul brother #2 would

Watch James Brown on

A black and white TV in

A black and white world


Soul brother #2 wanted to

Glide into the soul brother #1

Position but he stepped in

Dog shit on the corner of

6th street defying everything


Except gravity


Soul brother #2 sits

In the back of

The bus


Soul brother #2’s homeboys

Are dying left and right

And up and down

And sideways


Soul brother #2 smiles

And knows deep down

There’s only one

Soul brother #1


Soul brother #2

Walks slowly on

His journey


The street

Is his



He’s still

Here, still



Still trying

To make



He will


And soul brother #1

Is somewhere





© 2007 Tony Robles




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