Transbay Tube

On the bart train

I see faces


Tired faces

Dozing off faces

Fearful faces

Faces facing facts

Faces in a fix

Feigning sleep faces

Broken faces


Bart faces


And we all go

Down the tube

And into the bay


And I sometimes think,

What if there’s an

Earthquake or a ship

Drops an anchor


What then?


And as I sit

(on a rare occasion that

I get a seat) and try to adjust

My Bart face, I see them


3 young black brothers

Getting on at MacArthur

And introducing themselves

As performers


“If you enjoy our performance,

Please feel free to give”

They say


And each young brother

Moved across the floor of

The train, gliding, defying

Laws of motion with the

Motion of bone, blood, spirit


Bending, twisting,

Legs wrapped over bars,

Lifting their weight as

If weightless


Seemingly twisting

Arm out of their sockets

And back into place


They make it look

So easy, bending their

Bodies out of shape and

Back into shape


You have to be in

Tremendous shape to do

What they do


Got to be able to

Bend without breaking


And I sit

And watch those young

Guys bend and not break


While the guys

In my middle age



Watch with broken

Bart faces



© 2015 Tony Robles


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