Way Over There

In high school there

Were always girls way

Over there while I was

Way over here


And in the wide expanse

Of space between me and

Them, there were books and radios

And posturing and the snapping of

Gum that got my attention like a

String of firecrackers going off in



Way over there

Was a girl named Lena, even

Though way over there may have

Been several feet and my words

And eyes betrayed the moment

And I became fully acquainted

With something called fight or flight


And there was Rochelle, Dawn,

Maria, Sandra, Rhonda, Anita

Who walked the halls, sometimes

Towards me but way over there and

Between us the long hall, unsaid words

And the floor built up with the wax

Of past decades


And I think back on it

And wonder what would

Have happened had I spoken

To them


I think of it

As I board the

Bus in the morning


I head towards

The rear and I









They are on

Their way to work

Carrying bags filled

With time and whatever

Else they need to carry


They stare into

Their cellphones

As I slip by


And all the

Words that

Were never said



That way



© 2015 Tony Robles




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