Be Right Black

she had lived in
the neighborhood
a long time

Born and raised
in San Francisco
and we passed
each other on the
street for years
I didn’t know
her name
her eyes were
focused on things
I knew nothing of
she always seemed to
be looking at something
beyond what I could
and there were others
like her, black and
beautiful, senses alive,
ready to take on anything
come what may
and after all
these years I finally got
close enough to hear
her voice
she was walking
out of her
before she closed
the door, she said
I’ll be right black
Did she say
be right black?
Maybe she just said
it too fast, sometimes
the tongue moves quicker
than the mind
but soon after I
noticed she was
no longer around
and her other
friends disappeared
friends with eyes
that would lose
themselves in all that
sky up there
I’ll be right
black, she
I haven’t
seen her
(c) 2014

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