Condo Land

Eyes paved

Heart paved
Mouth paved
But they put in
A nice lawn with a nice
Fence with a nice sprinkler
System and nice little boys
And girls in nice comfortable
Uniforms kicking a nice
Comfortable ball into a nice
Comfortable net
Under the pavement
Is soft with the song
Of bone and whisper
Under the pavement,
Songs sung under
The breath
Words that fell on
Deaf ears that dropped
On the ground and settled
On the soil
The ground speaks:
Don’t walk so
Hard on me
I can feel
Remember, I
Remember everything
And remember,
You are standing on my
Back, my face, my skin,
My body
Who gave you
Permission to do
Walk gently
You wouldn’t
Want to piss
Me off, now would
Oh, and one
Other thing
Stop building so
Many Goddamned
That’s it,
I’m done with you
© 2014 Tony Robles

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