Rushing Leader

At Mission High School

I was in 9th grade and

The guys I saw in the halls

Had mustaches and beards

And looked as old as my

Father while I looked about 10


And somehow I ended

Up on the JV football team

JV, for junior varsity

A form of junior vanity


I wanted to be a

Running back but

I couldn’t get past

The bench


And from the bench I

Saw the big white lineman,

Pink and soft like a bologna

Sandwich get into it with

Our teammate, saying that

He would ram a cooler filled

With ice up his ass


And in practice, the Samoan

Linebacker with Afro suppressed

In helmet and an ass the size of

Head cheese would scream Samoan

Cuss words during stretching

Exercises in practice


I was eventually cut for

Being a non-factor, a mere

Splinter on the proverbial



But I wonder what

Happened to those

Guys on the team?


I wanted to be a

Running back, gaining

Hundreds of yards but

In reality, wanting to

Run away from myself


And I can imagine those

Guys on the team today,

With excess, especially

In the middle, or in good

Enough shape to make it to

Food court heaven at the

Local mall


So many corn dogs,

So little time


As for me,

I’m still in

My city


Walking its



For stretches

At a time,

Stretching into

My past and future


Picking up

Yards like

A motherfucker


© 2016 Tony Robles


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