Color Blind in SF

The colors between
Us were so alive

There was the
Blues, greens and
Everything in between

It wasn’t color
Blind but color

By color

The color of that
Water and the color
Of the skin of trees
And the color of ice
Whose truth could not
Melt and the color of
Mama’s touch that could
Melt you like nothing else

The color between
Us didn’t fade, didn’t

It let us play like
Jazz notes mingling
And kindling a fire
That never stopped

What happened to
The color
Between us?

Where are the blues
And greens and blacks
And browns and yellows
And young girls and fellows?

What happened
When you colored
Me and I colored
You over and over

Different colors
Different days
Different nights

Same tears

Tell me,
What happened

To the color

© 2016 Tony Robles


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