Hello Stranger

I am a stranger

In my city


My birth certificate

Is null and void


Stricken from

The record


I walk the streets

Of my city and eyes

Set firmly in dimly

Lit faces cast shadowless

Shadows that ask, what

Are you doing here?


(or, can I help you with something?)


I am the sock

That got lost

In the dryer


Where do all

Those socks go?


I look at my city

And the city looks back

At me with the eyes of

A stranger


And from some café

That old song comes

Over the speakers:


Hello stranger
It seems so good

to see you back again
how long has it been?


And I walk by

The café window

And look


The glass doesn’t hold

My reflection, my face,

My story


The glass is half empty,

Holding only eyes that

Don’t see me


And the song

Fades into

My ears as I

Pass by


It seems like

A mighty long time,

Shoo-Bop Shoo-Bop
My Baby





© 2015 Tony Robles





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