Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach
By Tony Robles

i was a kid
when grandma
told me about
the undertow

and i was an
inquisitive kid
and asked, what’s
the undertoe?
and grandma said
that the undertow
was a strong current
that sucked you under
the surface, pulling you
downward with no escape
no matter how strong a
swimmer you were
and my eyes
finally fell on the signs
warning of the
dangerous undertow
(not undertoe)
i dug up hermit
crabs and my feet
felt like clay but the
ocean always washed
it away in a hint of fog
Ocean Beach with
its seaweed ropes drying
next to sandcastles while
surfers surfed and bonfires
i once saw some cops
drag a bodybag
across its sand
and a guy, who appeared
to be homeless shouted, hey
pick up that bag! Show
some respect you sons of
they kept dragging
the bag
and that shore with
its fresh and faded
footprints is like the rug
that got pulled out from
under us
the tide coming
in and out
taking some of
us with it
and their voices
roar over the static
of the car radio
as i sit
and watch
(c) 2015 Tony Robles

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