We’re two working
Men going at our
Own pace

He’s just a

We’re both born
In this city and work
At an apartment complex
Housing the affluent

He mops and sweeps the
Marble floors while I greet
Residents who inquire about the
Status of their dry cleaning

Sometimes they complain
That the water is too hot
In the spa

(Burns their

I’m just a
Desk clerk

I refer those issues
To the appropriate

The janitor and I are
Required to raise the
American flag in the morning

The flag is tightly
Wrapped into a triangle
That pokes my side as I
Carry it

The janitor walks
Ahead of me

He fastens the flag
Into place and raises it
By pulling a rope

The flag slithers
Up the pole

We look to the ground
Where snails have sprouted
All around like moles

Others would kick or
step on them but
He picks each one
Raises it to the
Kiss of weeping leaves

The snails look
At us and laugh

We head back
To the apartment complex
at a snail’s

just a janitor
just a desk clerk

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