A Name

Now, when the teachers

Said it, they had a tendency

To mispronounce it


It happened with such

Frequency that I began

To dislike the name that

Should have leapt from my

Tongue like a one-two combination




And the gym teacher said



And the homeroom teacher said



And some others said



And the math teacher said


(Don’t ask me how he came up with that)


And I would correct

Them but it didn’t



They just kept

On that way


And I sat at my

Desk with my name

Stuck inside my throat


And I’d walk

Home and from time

To time I’d see a guy drive

By in a large car that looked

To be a Buick or Cadillac


And he would look at

Me and I would look back


Our eyes holding some

Kind of recognition that

I couldn’t recognize in a

Sort of silent stand off


And I continued going

To school and the mispronunciation

Of my name bothered me less


And I walked home

One day and saw the guy

In the car again


He came to a stop,

Rolled down the

Window and called out:


“Hey, is your name Robles?”


He said my name

The way it was supposed

To be said




I thought so, he said, I

Used to go to school

With your uncles


He opened

The car door


I got



School was

In session



© 2015 Tony Robles

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