Clown Suit

I was with a friend

The other day and as

We walked down the

Street I thought I’d

Seen the circus


6 or 7 people stood

About and they appeared

To be wearing clown



Are those guys with

The circus? I asked


Are you crazy? My friend

Replied, those are the

Fare inspectors, they

Inspect the buses for

Fare cheats


Fair inspectors? I asked


Fare inspectors, my friend



And I continued watching

Those fare inspectors

Whose clown suits were

Some sort of skin


And with the

Authority of the clowns

They got on the bus


And with clown authority

Pulled a few people aside

And wrote them tickets

On clown pad and paper


Taking their sweet

Clown time as

They did it


If you really want

To fuck something



As the song says


Send in the clowns



© 2014 Tony Robles

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