Croissant Poem

This somewhat
Well-dressed guy
Came into the donut
Shop this morning

He asked for a croissant
And the Chinese guy
Behind the counter picked
Up a croissant with his tongs

The man then said, I don’t
Want a plain croissant,
I want a chocolate

The way the man pronounced
The word croissant was
Annoying, as if he were in
His first semester of French
In community college

No chocolate croissant,
Said the Chinese

What about an almond
Croissant, don’t you
Have almond croissants
The man asked

No almond croissant,
said the Chinese
guy, only plain

and the guy stood
staring at the plain
croissants as if there was
a difference between one
and the other

And I sat with
My coffee

What about a
Foot in your
Ass croissant?

But I just
Kept it
To myself

© 2009 Tony Robles


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