It was a black

Power salute and

When I was a kid

I saw that fist everywhere


Sometimes the fist

Headed towards my face

But lucky for me I would

Duck in time or perhaps the

Guy throwing the punch couldn’t

Throw a punch worth a shit


I saw the fist on the

Ends of afro picks poking

Through brilliant afros as

I sat back waiting for my

Hair to grow


And a guy on the bus sits

Next to me and

Says, “Fist me”


And I think, this motherfucker

Must be crazy so I get up

And get off the bus


I look and the guy

Is following me for

One, two, three blocks


I stop and look at

Him and he says, again,

Fist me


“You’re gonna get a fist

Alright, when I bust

You across your mouth” I say


And the man

Meekly stuck out

His fist and somehow I

Formed a fist and both

Of our fists somehow



The man half-smiled

Before walking



And I walked off

Thinking, fisting sure

Ain’t what it used

To be



©2015 Tony Robles




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