Gentrification Blues

San Francisco born and raised

Ignored and gentrified

The city thin as

Postcard skin

San Francisco born and raised

A lonely horn in the Bart station

A beautiful black brother tap dancing

On Market street, another brother

Who dreams he is James brown,

The soul clappin’ pupusa lady on 16th

Tamborine dreams in a church beyond borders

Moving the earth, the world–underneath

More powerful, more moving, than

The impending earthquake
San Francisco born and raised

Gentrified, marginalized, ignored, overlooked

A torn out tongue

A torn transfer to the

Back of the bus

But seems everybody wants to

Be like us

Only if it is

Without us

San Francisco born and raised

The hills and peaks of our

Shoulders raising our stories, our

Songs, our lives from Fillmore, to Bayview

To the Mission to North Beach to Chinatown

To Manilatown to the Richmond to Ingleside

And every side, every shade, every pause, every

Nuance, every nod of the head, every pump

Every bump of the fist

Every note on the musical scale that is

Our city, a musical scale that has tipped

And dipped with the bent back and

The beautiful arc of musical notes that live in our skin

And we hang on to

The city, our city, this city, the landscape that lives

In our blood, soul and spirit

Because it is ours






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