He’s Making Bread


His name was Tommy Mok

and he’d get his ass

kicked everyday when we

were in elementary school


Tommy was half Chinese

and half white and lived

in a house whose paint

was like skin ready to shed


His shirts were dirty

and his nose was runny

and his skinny arms

dangled at his sides

covered with scabs


They’d follow him

home and call him

names, everybody got

a shove, a push, a lick

a punch…a piece


and elementary turned

into Jr. High and Tommy

fought back but still

took more than he gave


He got out of high

school and he disappeared

along with everybody



I am one that didn’t

disappear, sticking around

to see Tommy again

30 years later


Working at a small

bakery that he



They make bread

out of whole grains

along with a variety

of healthy pastries

and coffee


I said nothing

when I saw him come

out of his shop

to have a smoke


Tommy Mok


30 lbs. Heavier,

thinning hair and

the same dirty

t shirt


Takes a drag

of his cigarette


Let’s it





Let’s it





(c) 2009 Tony Robles



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