In Hock

There was always a

Guy who liked

To spit


It wasn’t just

The act of spitting

That was going on


There was conversation

Horsing around

Various forms of fucking

Off that were informed by

TV, parents, teachers and other

Knuckleheads like ourselves


And the spitting was

Accompanied by a sound

That varied, depending on

The spitter


But in general, it

Sounded like this




And the spit flew

Out at different angles


Some moved sharply through

The air, exiting through a pucker

Of lip, landing at destination



And other spit travelled

In an arc that never hit

The mark


But the sound

Was constant




It came from a deep place,

Saying things that we couldn’t

Articulate to our teachers, parents,

Priests and later our bosses


And those spitters

I knew


Vincent, Jeff, Max,

Dedrick, David, Herman


And those I didn’t know


Here’s a resounding

Spit in your





© 2016 Tony Robles



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