Land of 10,000 Evictions

land of forgotten faces
land of forgotten lives
land of golden gated community
where you throw away time,
and the key

land of ten thousand
quaint postcard, postscript,
postmortem fairy tales

land of rolling hills
and bills footed by
the poor and working class

land where black is a
curse, criminalized, shot dead
for being, breathing,
living what’s in the skin

land of ten thousand false
friends and ten thousand curses
welling up in the pent up drums
of our ears

land of ten thousand
elders living in fear of eviction,
the trembling fear in their bellies
tightening into a fist, breaking through
the brick wall faces of the faceless
invisible greed whose face is everywhere

land of rolling hills and rolling lies
and cable car lullabies that lull
you to sleep with your eyes open

land of the crooked street
crooked eyes
crooked tongue
crooked smile

land of ten thousand tattoos burned
onto the sacred ground of our
skin, the sacred mural of our skin,
the sacred skin of our skin

land of lives strewn,
cast on street corners
cast in a bad movie
with blinking red lights
and glances without eyes

land of the splintered
sole, hobbling, dragging
the cast-aside memory of
heavy clouds in blue, green,
black and white

land of the condo club
on every corner
where politicians pimp their
asses to the developers’ 10 ten
thousand erections

land of ten thousand

ten thousand

ten thousand empty

ten thousand



(c) 2014 Tony Robles


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