20 Halfback Curl, X Up

it was a close
game and i was
working that day
and got home in
the 4th quarter

i took off my
security guard
uniform and sat
in front of the TV
watching those guys
in other uniforms try to
march down the field

it was the Superbowl
and the niners were in
it and i was living in Daly
City which was San Francisco
without actually being there

so much life close
by, so many cemeteries
in the distance, so many
cheers in the thick fog

and Joe Montana
made it look easy
even though he was

Hand off to Craig
quick pass to Rice

and then
a time out

and i sat and waited
counting the days, the
hours of my life passing
like salt from a shaker,
the punch of a clock

i sit alone
with thousands

38 seconds left,
Montana drops back
lets it go to Taylor in
the end zone

Taylor who hadn’t
Caught a pass
All day

Touchdown 49ers!

Taylor leaps into the
stands and Joe lifts
his arms holding mountains

and at that moment
we don’t come up short
or empty, not this time
as we sit like mountains

we should all
do it the way it
should be done,

just like


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