What’s up homes?

What’s happening

I ain’t heard
from you in a
long time


You know, I been
surviving, I went
to see my little girl
down in the valley,
she’s gettin’ out of
high school soon

it cost me a
few bucks to get
down there but
it was worth it

The way she called
me daddy, just like
when she was a little

And she was trippin’
on my tattoos and i told
her that those tattoos are
pictures of what i used to
be and she just laughed and
i laughed and it seemed
everybody in the park was

(Even my tattoos was laughing)

But i need
you to do me a

write me some
poems, homes

write me some
poems that i can

Don’t use no big
ass words either, don’t
make me have to reach
for the dictionary

Don’t give me a
headache trying to figure
out what the hell you’re
talking about

Poems is supposed
to be an economy of
words and that sparseness
shows that you poets can be a
bunch of parsimonious, chickenshit
sons of bitches, but that’s cool

so please

send me some
poems, homes

i need some

some good
news, some light
in my area code

Send me
some poems


(c) 2015 Tony Robles


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