Missing you in SF

I am a flat
I am an apartment
I am a house
I am an SRO hotel
I am an inlaw room
I am an outlaw room
I am a blown out candle

My DNA/finger/foot
Heart prints are in

North Beach

I am in your blood
I am in your skin
I am in your bone
I am in your memory
I am in your mind

Your lungs are filled
With my fog that
Creeps across Ocean Beach

My fog horn breath
Opens your eyes and
Enters your pores every

I am a house
A room
An empty space
In your heart

I miss you

This flat is
Flat without

This apartment is
Nothing since we
Were pulled apart

This room holds
No space, no life
No music, no laughter
Since they separated
You from me and me
From you

We were pulled apart
But your hair is still
In my drain, your grease
Is stuck to my stove, your
Grace runs through my pipes

My hardwood floors
And stairs still vibrate
In tenors, altos, baritones
In the color of every tone
Of your life

And our walls
Sweat in black
Brown, yellow
White and all
Hues in between

And the clock’s
Ticking face counts
The minutes, hours,
Days, months, years
You’ve been gone

And we wait as our
Innards are gutted

Awaiting your

© 2016 Tony Robles


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