Heart of Frisco

Frisco grew up
in the back of
the class

he was on
the back of the
bus holding it up
as it rolled down
the streets and its

nobody wanted to
say Frisco’s name
because it was the
“F” word

(and who wants an F?)

and Frisco flexed
his muscles like a
bent note on a musical
scale to show the world
who he was

Frisco sweat flowed
from his pores and
he poured from his lips
the reality of his Frisco life

And Frisco breathed
Frisco air and tasted
Frisco sounds before
those things became
bottled and sold

and Frisco moves slower
now, the Frisco air from
his lungs coming in puffs

and the doctors
couldn’t find nothing

Take two asprin
they said

and he took
off his shirt
and lay down

on his chest
was the word
Frisco, in blood

The sun slowly

and his heart


(c) 2016 Tony Robles


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