some of the most
beautiful gestures
are those of the head

the slight lifts, turns
and tilts with twinges
Of indifference, anger,

insight or

the head holding
the mind at
full tilt, headstrong
in its position

the jackpot of
a fleeting moment
that we remember
or store in the annals
of abridged thoughts

still, it’s the
simple nod
that pierces me

a simple movement
of acknowlegement
where not a word needs
to be said

a nod
says all

it can tell
where you’re
from, where
you’ve been

there are those
that nod off with or
without the lights

but there are
those who
are awake

observing and
acting in their
own small ways

Oftentimes imperceptible
To the wind and to
The sun’s rays

doing what
needs to be

And to

i give
the nod

(c) 2016 Tony Robles


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