Some random thoughts

Facebook is oftentimes a digital Life cereal with a million little Mikey’s (myself included) that “like” anything.


The problem with these hipsters is that they think a taco supreme is a love supreme


Sick of the slack jawed slickness of the thrift store thieves (hipsters) that thrive among us.


When faces start looking like feces, then perhaps it’s time to give humanity a break for a while.

You ain’t got to be a poet to do poetic things


There is always an armchair quarterback in a straitjacket criticizing the rest of us who are trying to do something.


The patina that should cover SF is actually the lackluster luster of a bureaucratic burnish whose fluorescent glow radiates unaccountability.


The tech geniuses write a lot of code. They haven’t figured out one for conduct though


Hell with the status bro


Frisco offal is the guts shown by the Frisco 5 for the world to see. It is truly what Frisco is made of.







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