I am friscopino
Filipino born and
bred in Frisco

The saltwater of
SF Bay runs through
my veins, the city
fog seeps out of my nose
like the heavy breath of

I’m the hidden member
of the band whose fingerprints
stained the piano keys with a
mixture of ash, sweat, spit
tae, tears

I am Friscopino
my vocabulary of Filipino
words limited to pancit,
adobo, lumpia and putang
ina mo

friscopino with the
colors of dried tears
of my lola in my pores
that wash over me like
an unexpected rain

friscopino, a member of
the foghorn band whose
moans wake the city from
its coma-like hibernation

I am friscopino, dancing
across every inch of this
dance floor called frisco

dancing through kicks
and screams and scemes
and unfulfilled dreams

i am friscopino
my braids weave the story
of my hands like thick

grab on
to it

let it pull
you up

In an incantation
That is
Richmond, Sunset
sun up and sun down
and everywhere the
light’s ray’s lick

Filipino born
and bred in


(c) 2016


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