Friscopino II

Friscopino is a pot
Of mispronounced
Names that go
Undigested, burning
In our ears and throat

Friscopino is Filipino
From SF

Filipino and black
Black and Filipino
Filipino and Mexican
Mexican and Filipino
Filipino and Italian
Italian and Filipino
Filipino and Chinese
Chinese and Filipino
Filipino and native
Native and Filipino

And other mixtures
In our Lola’s pot
That gave birth to
What is Friscopino

Friscopino is my
Veins clogged with
Diniguan shadows
That live in the pores

Friscopino is never
Forgetting where you
Came from

Friscopino is
Fish bones in my
Throat and socks
That smell like adobo

Friscopino is the
Shame we have in
The parts of us that
Are the most beautiful

Friscopino is the
Black in us that
Can’t be denied

Friscopino is bad
And loud with a
Heart too big for
The chest

Friscopino is a
Tattoo that covers
Our pain

Friscopino is the
Proud lechon skin
That covers our

Is Filipino From

And everything
That comes with

(C). Tony Robles 2016


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