San Francisco, We can’t afford you

We can’t afford

can’t afford the
tremors of your
half smiles

can’t afford your
see saws weighed
down with quaint

can’t afford your seismic
under the table

Can’t afford
Your red carpet

can’t afford your
ruins hidden under
the robes of judges

can’t afford the half
moon creases under
the eyes of elders while
vultures pick the lint from
their pockets

Can’t afford to
Be force fed fog
Dragged like a dead
Body and laced with
Bitter pills

can’t afford the
leeches living rent
free on our skin

can’t afford the hiked
up skirt of real estate

can’t afford the murals
plucked from our

cant’ afford
police bullets dipped
in blood of black
and brown

can’t afford your scentless
sanitized sense of

Can’t afford
Tech antennas
Transmitting snow

can’t afford your
cathedrals of one
way mirrors

can’t afford the bad
checks written on
our backs

can’t afford the toxic
air breathed thru

can’t afford the speculation
of long distance lullabyes
wagering the day and
hour of our death

can’t afford eyes
prying open the doors
of memory without
permission, without
thank you

City of
St. Francis

we can’t
afford your


(c) 2016 Tony Robles


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