A 4 lettered word,
part lisp
part partially
formed lump in
the throat

part of the
word family of
words ending
in U-G

(Sometimes mistaken for O-G)

but also including
uncles, nephews
dads and other
offspring regardless
of season

and in arms as
big as pythons
(also known as guns)
the stories are inked

epics dyed
in the skin

needles inserting
myths and hues and
dyes of memories
cast aside

living in that gray
area where vulnerability
breathes, expands,
contorts in an effort
to both hide and free itself

the thug cannot
remain a four lettered
word for long

and when that word
reconciles its sound
with matter and creates
itself again and again

it changes

(out of the clear blue motherfuckin’ sky)

from thug
to hug

no words
formed or

as it takes
on another

of its

(c) 2016 Tony Robles


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