Amusement Park (For Doug)

Funny bumping
Into you in the
Mid part of life

All the world’s a
Stage, they

And we show up
And the lines we
Want to articulate
Escape us

And they
Come back

Thoughts bumping
Into words like
At the amusement

You can learn
To take life’s lumps
In a bumper car

The hardest working
Men on earth,
You call them

Those fellows who
Construct the rides
At the fairs and

It requires strength
And balance, you say
As you grab ahold of
The side of the table
To get your bearings

It took strength to
Assemble those roller
Coasters, laying track,
Connecting the parts,
The swtiches

You constructed
Kiddie world, you

A hard, miserable
Job that you would
Do again

All tendons
And muscles

And grease to keep
That well-oiled machine
Moving from county
To city

And the bumper
Cars were

Many got hurt
Trying to unload

And here we
Sit in your

Words and memories
Bumping into one

God must be
One hell of
A pool player

© 2016 Tony Robles


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