All of it
Has collected
In my ears

It has
Over time

All those bosses
And supervisors
And others deemed

and my uncles
chimed in too
from time to time

Their voices
Thick with the
Hoarseness of time

Let me explain
Something to you

Let me run it
Down to you

You must not have
Heard me the first time

Look at me when
I’m talking to you

If I got to repeat
Myself, I’m gonna knock
The white, black, yellow
Red, blue offa you

And it was
All explained
To me

I was listening

Those men had
Plenty to say and,
Most of the time, no
One was listening

And my ears
Became overloaded
With their excesses

But once in a
While those men
Would say something

It’s good to
See you

How you been?

You heard from
Your daddy?

What’s mom’s
Been up to?

And sometimes
They’d say

“you know, I wish
I had a son like

And those things
Stayed with

Too many to
Write down

Too much
To explain

So I

© Tony Robles 2016


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